ms_svetlov (ms_svetlov) wrote in health4all,

universal healthcare

I am an American nurse working in critical care. I see people who come in in critical condition who would probably not be that way if they had access to free healthcare and health education to begin with. I see doctors discharging diabetics who came in with diabetic ketoacidosis the day before (a very dangerous condition) who have not had any real education on their condition and I know they will be back in ketoacidosis or with complications of uncontrolled diabetes later on. It breaks my heart to see how many people are suffering from lack of basic healthcare in this system gone wild. To hell with beaurocrats who do not understand what it is like to be a working class person with a family who needs healthcare but can't afford it and therefore doesn't get it before his health has deteriorated to the point where he ends up hospitalized (which costs much more than preventative healthcare). I am so tired of discharging people who can't even afford their medicine or who get out with a 30 day supply and then don't refill it because they can't afford it...they just end up back in the hospital, which costs way more than their drugs would. Doctors come in all shapes and sizes but only two philosophies, it seems. They either "get" the problem or they stick to their conservative ideology. Question: Where is wisdom? Answer: Holding hands with mercy.
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