iralarry (iralarry) wrote in health4all,

SIngle payer healthcare is so long overdue.

My comments are in response to a local NY free papers printing about how the "insurance company" who was hired to oversee the distribution of one billion dollars to those effected by the 9/11 has failed in it's duty to do just that. Instead, they are litigating all cases first. I encourage you all to read this article which I am sure will inflame your sensibilities.,0,6117990.story

This is thee perfect example of healthcare for profit, not for the sake of helping people. Why the heck should people have to fight for their right to adequate and cost-effective healthcare, and it is a right so long as people have a Declaration of Independence right to life, liberty...etc! This is a sham and and a shame and people, especially our elected pols, need to fight back and demand healthcare for all. If France, England and Canada can do it and their economies are stable, why can't we? This 9/11 money was allocated for disbursement, not to be litigated over ad infinitum. What kind of legacy is established when we can't or won't help those in need? Where are the family values in it? I guess I am not apart of your family, is that it? It is no wonder God is written on our money. Its as if to say, God can be equated with money, therefore, God is money, money is our god. Perhaps it would be better to take the words, In God We Trust, off the dollar and put instead: In Profit We Trust. Healthcare for profit is a failure. The HMO managed care model is a failure.(Unless gaged on its profitability). How can a sane society which espouses family values and the best healthcare system on the planet allow people to die because they can not afford to live? Are we all insane? Where is the humanity in charging for basic rights? I have no problem paying a fraction more to cover everyone. Lets get real and prove we care about the citizens of the USA and wash ourselves of the healthcare lobbyists who line the pockets of our senators and congressional leaders.
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